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Teeth Whitening Achieve Your Whitest Smile Ever!

posted by Changes Hair Salon and Spa    |   August 3, 2015 17:54

Teeth whitening With people getting ready to Look their Bests now is a great time to give them a beautiful Beaming White look, That’s right, you can get the same whitening results as you would in a dental office at a fraction of the cost by a teething Whitening process at Changes Salon & Spa


Teeth whitening,  Achieve your brightest smile yet


Light-activated gel whitens teeth up to eight shades A glowing smile  Flaunt your beaming beauty Teeth with today's Groupon the following options:


  • For $75, you get a teeth-whitening  treatment


Changes Salon & Spa whitens and brightens teeth. The 45-minute teeth-whitening treatment applies a light-activated gel comprised of glycerin, de-ionized water, hydrogen peroxide, aloe extracts, can  lightens up to eight shades.   bedazzlement  


Bedazzle weary teeth with the aid of the state-of-the-mouth Teeth whitening system. The process begins with the mouth piece fitted in your  mouth, ensuring a snug, precision fit . Next, a specially designed light reacts with the  gel to combine lighten  up to six times whiter. The treatment is quick—lasting only 20 minutes—and safe, usually leaving little to no tooth sensitivity. For 12 hours after the treatment, patients should avoid consuming anything that would easily stain a white shirt, such as red sauces, dark soda, red wine and  coffee


A white smile is crucial for impressing Get-ready smile with teeth whitening system @ Changes Salon & Spa also pick up your teeth-whitening  pen as maintenance $20.99 value).


 Lie back as skilled technicians outfit mouths with a double-sided mouthpiece prefilled with pharmaceutical-grade peroxide whitening gel that adheres to every incisor, molar, and retractable mouth fork. Spectrum blue LED light illuminates coated teeth , which can effectively break up stains without causing discomfort, tooth sensitivity, or harm to the enamel.


After leaving the spa, newly whitened mouths can touch up smiles by applying thin layers of whitening liquid from a your teeth whitening pen a pocket-sized tool that can touch up smiles at work or after  a date with red wine. Spa visitors should arrive 15–20 minutes prior to their procedure and avoid consuming any teeth-staining foods for the first 24 hours after their treatment , getting your teeth that wonderful shade of white is easier said than done. Despite the fact that most toothpastes claim to have incredible whitening powers, the results are nowhere near as noticeable as they should be. Those whitening strips are a little more effective, but they take days, or even weeks, before you being to see results. Luckily, we've found a product that actually delivers on its whitening promises, producing noticeable results that really stand out.

Achieve your brightest smile yet with today's a take-home teeth whitening kit from Changes Salon & Spa

 The take-home teeth whitening kit boasts the fastest, most dramatic whitening results available without having to go and see the dentist. This fast acting whitening system has long lasting results and does not use lasers, heat or harmful abrasives. Their premium teeth whitening application effectively removes stains, reduces teeth sensitivity and demineralises the teeth to make them healthier and stronger.

Skip the box of drugstore whitening strips and take a more professional approach with  teeth whitening From Changes Salon & Spa


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