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Father's Day Gift Ideas!!!!

posted by Changes Hair Salon and Spa    |   May 18, 2016 18:31

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What a Guy Wants !!!Gone are the days of the dated “Real men don’t get manicures” attitude—today’s spas are helping to preen and relax more than the occasional husband, boyfriend or stylish dude. In fact, men of all ages, tax brackets, backgrounds and lifestyles are increasingly seeing spa services as part of an overall wellness and grooming plan. More than 30% of our clients are male. But of course, men are still different animals. Luring them in for any service—be it massage, or facial, body treatment or nail care—requires spa pros to speak a specific language. I see more and more men buying products and caring for their hand and feet, as men are increasingly open to receiving professional salon services we have stocked up on guy friendly products just for you. Dudes hands tend to be parched when they arrive at the spa and not just for an ice cold beer. A mans hands and feet can be thirsty and ready for deep hydration. Men tend to have naturally thicker skin and if they work with their hand s a lot there body’s natural defence is to crate calluses or thickness on the skin to prevent damage of the body from constant friction, men tend to need exfoliation and paraffin wax dip treatments for hands and feet more often. The exfoliation removes dry dead skin and the paraffin is an intense hydration treatment so it puts moisture back into the skin.,” so it’s high time spa pros wise up to males’ unique receptors, too. While creating an instant “man cave” is no short order, we have tailored our spa space to all the young (and old) dudes. (Think strong showers, jetted Tub, super hot sauna rooms and well-spaced-out seating in your lounge.) We also have a salon menu just for the man


Spa treatments are helping men around the world manage stress, as well as look and feel their best.