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3D Mascara eyelash extentions in seconds

posted by Changes Hair Salon and Spa    |   June 18, 2014 13:37



 Cherry Bloom 3D fibre lashes Mascara


 instant eyelash extensions that dramatically enhances and magnifies your own lashes in seconds




Our simple 3-step process combines transplanting Gel and Natural fibres to create the appearance of incredible thickness and volume to your existing lashes. Watch as your lashes transform . lashes are water resistant but easly washes off with warm water and facial cleanser at the end of the day.


Try it !!  it will  quickly become your favourite mascara must have.




Cherry Blooms Brush on Eyelash Extensions is hitting the beauty world by storm and was recently featured in the Hollywood Oscars Gift Bag!

Brush on Fibre Lash Extensions is an exciting new concept in eyelash extensions that doesn’t require any glue or false lashes. The eyelash extensions are lightweight, comfortable to wear and can easily be applied in 60 seconds.  

There’s No Glue, No Mess, No Fuss, and No Irritation - Just 2 products in 3 simple steps.


How Does it Work?
Cherry Blooms Fibre Lash Extensions are lightweight and just as easy as applying normal mascara. The kit includes two tubes; the transplanting mascara gel and a tube of dry nylon black fibres which stick on the beeswax mascara making it look like you are wearing false eyelashes.
The brush-on fibres are lightweight, adhere to your own lashes and act like instant lash extensions. It dramatically creates 300% longer and thicker lashes within seconds. The fibres easily wash off with warm water and a cotton ball, but can be worn for many days until it is washed off.

Our customers tell us time and time again they will never use anything else on their eyelashes. It’s water resistant so it is cry proof, laugh proof and sweat proof too, and suitable for all ages.





Apply a generous coat of ‘Transplanting Mascara Gel’ to clean dry eyelashes. (Approx 20 strokes)



Apply a coat of ‘Fibres’ before the Transplanting Mascara Gel dries, position wand in the middle of your lash and brush to the ends, avoid fibres being too close to eyeball. (Approx 15 strokes)


Apply another coat of ‘Transplanting Mascara Gel’ to seal the fibres in place. Make sure you do this well to avoid fibres falling off. (Approx 20 strokes)


Repeat steps 1-3 for an even more dramatic look.


Ingredients: Water, high grade potent beeswax, carnuba wax, black iron oxide, nylon 12, stearic acid, natural emulsifying agents.


Why We’re Rated the Best?
Because our product works! Our formula contains natural high grade potent beeswax and BLACK fibres which deliver dramatically thicker and longer lashes.  Our product does not smudge or run and it stays put all day long. The fibres do not fall on your face unlike other brands; and it looks freshly applied even at the end of a long day. They look natural when you apply and does not clump or smudge. We are an Australian brand and our easy-to-use product comes in an elegant box with clear and easy instructions.  We are the only fibre lash mascara with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!


Our Beeswax is Better


·       Ours stimulates lash growth; as a good beeswax helps cells regenerate faster


·       Our beeswax has a higher percentage of potency than others, meaning fibres will stick on lashes and not fall on your face or eyeballs


·       Ours has antibacterial properties so it doesn’t breed bacteria and has a longer shelf life


·       Ours has high moisturising properties acting like a leave-in conditioner for your lashes and it won’t leave you with dry brittle lashes


·       Each eyelash extension kit has a shelf life of three years, and lasts for four months with continuous daily use,


·        You can wear the lashes for up to 5 days so long as you don’t wash your face in the shower and use makeup wipes instead to take your makeup off.


Cherry Blooms Brush on Fibre Lashes uses BLACK fibres, made from non-toxic ingredients making it suitable for those with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.  It’s easy to remove with warm water and a cotton ball. 


Celebrities Love It
Celebrity makeup artists, TV hosts, Salon Owners and thousands of women around the world have fallen in love with this product. Steer clear of similar fibre lash products that claim to have the same results, however cannot back up their claims with loads of testimonials and a no risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee like Cherry Blooms





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Foot Care, Summer is here!

posted by Changes Hair Salon and Spa    |   June 3, 2014 09:25

 Foot Care, Summer is here!


Runners, athletes, sandal, Toes and flip-flop wearers will not rejoice, when they encounter a myriad of unique problems arising from the pursuit of summertime fitness activities and wearing of less-supportive shoes.


Fortunately, the most common of these ailments can be treated and the most difficult of skin and nail conditions can be transformed back to a healthy state through simple, ongoing daily foot care regimes, using Footlogix Pediceuticals®, as follows.



ATHLETE'S FOOT: One of the most pervasive of runners' conditions, AF is a nasty fungal infection that thrives in moist and sweaty parts of the feet, such as between the toes. However, did you know that even non-runners can contract Athlete's Foot? Whether they are athletes or not, forewarn your clients to beware of public areas such as pools, saunas, hotel rooms, store changerooms, even airport security etc., which are breeding grounds for fungus. Furthermore, as a pedicurist, take extra precaution when simply touching/treating the affected area on your clients.


THE FOOTLOGIX SOLUTION: Footlogix Peeling Skin Formula - with Dermal Infusion Technology® - is a lightweight, non-greasy, fragrance and alcohol-free mousse, which penetrates into the layers of the epidermis. Highly efficacious anti-fungal agents provide relief of itching, peeling, scaling and irritation, to end the embarrassment and restore feet to a healthy state.


BLACK, (leading to) YELLOWED TOENAILS:Athletes, especially those training for long-distance events and marathons, can also suffer from black toenails. Also called "subungual hematoma", this condition is caused when the toes rub against the narrow toe-box in the front of the running shoe, resulting in the nail being pushed down into the nail bed. This results in inflammation and bruising, which leads to the secondary symptom of yellowing toenails, caused by the onset of nail fungus. For others, summer is the time when fungus-infected, yellowed toenails can no longer be hidden in closed-toe shoes and remedies are sought to end the embarrassment.

  • THE FOOTLOGIX SOLUTION: Use Footlogix Anti-fungal Toe Tincture Spray on yellowed toe-nails to restore them to a healthy condition. Made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, this odourless spray formula is easy to apply with its multi-directional pinpoint spray format and with no brushes or wands there is no product contamination. The tincture may be used under the nail if the client is wearing nail polish but for optimum results, apply directly to bare toenails.

BLISTERS: Those painful, bubbles of skin on feet filled with fluid are the result of loose-fitting or even improperly tied running shoes, flip-flops or sandals which allow the feet to slide back and forth. Although it is not considered to be a serious injury, blisters can be most debilitating, not only keeping runners off their feet but preventing anyone from basic everyday walking.


  • THE FOOTLOGIX SOLUTION: Regardless of their athletic activities, you may recommend a routine, preventative foot care program using Footlogix Daily Maintenance Formula, to all your clients. This moisturizing mousse - with CoQ10, an anti-aging ingredient that strengthens the skin - will provide a "protective barrier" and help in keeping the skin from blistering.


BURNING FEET: This time of year anyone can also suffer from rough skin on the heels accompanied by a burning sensation on the balls of their feet, as well as between their toes. This may also be the result of constant chafing from running shoes or sandals, improper socks, a fungal infection or other health-related issues.

  • THE FOOTLOGIX SOLUTION: By using the Footlogix Rough Skin Formula, skin prone to roughness and fungal infections will be protected, as the non-drying formula hydrates rough skin. This fragrance-free and synthetic oil-free mousse is safe for all skin types, including Diabetics.

FOOT & SHOE ODOURS:When shoes are not well ventilated or certain types of single-layer, synthetic fiber based socks are worn, embarrassing foot and shoe odours can develop, which affects not only athletes but everyone.

  • THE FOOTLOGIX SOLUTIONS: For feet that perspire excessively, try the Sweaty Feet Formula. In addition, the Footlogix Foot Deodorant and the Shoe Deodorant - with Tea Tree and refreshing Menthol - will effectively neutralize unpleasant odours, not by masking them but by killing the odour-causing bacteria. To introduce your clients to these highly effective products, simply add them to your pedicures, by spraying feet and refreshing shoes as part of the 10 Step Footlogix Professional Pedicure. Check it out on our website!

CORNS: Another rather painful condition affecting athletes, corns are the hard, sensitive lumps that form on the feet and along the tops of the toes - often accompanied by calluses along the heels and edge of the feet - both of which are caused by the constant pressure and rubbing while running.

  • THE FOOTLOGIX SOLUTION: A Footlogix-trained pedicurist is well educated and most knowledgeable in handling these challenges. Using the Footlogix Callus Softener Formula, they will work wonders to transform aching athletes' feet "From Woe... to WOW!" - often in the first treatment - especially when used with the double-sided Footlogix Professional Stainless Steel Pedicure file.




posted by Changes Hair Salon and Spa    |   June 3, 2014 08:14

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